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Kombucha Can Design Lineup

KC Kombucha

Women owned and operated kombucha taproom that supports the community by showcasing female owned small businesses and brewing deliciously approachable kombucha in Oak Park, Sacramento.


We had the pleasure of collaborating with KC to revamp their brand, capturing the lively and spirited essence of their exceptional Kombucha creations. In a world where hard kombucha seems to be sprouting up everywhere, KC stands out by prioritizing their community's well-being. Together, we delved into the heart of their brand, highlighting their commitment to fostering positive support, sustainability, and crafting imaginative yet approachable flavor combinations right within their vibrant taproom.

During an engaging brand core workshop, we explored ways to solidify their position and tackle their brand aspirations head-on. The result is a brand that strikes the perfect balance of natural and modern, radiating an energetic vibe that resonates with their newly defined target. At KC, they're not just brewing Kombucha; they're cultivating a community where everyone can thrive.

KC Front door.png


The design process was driven by a deep appreciation for the natural and invigorating essence of Kombucha. We carefully crafted an expanded color palette that seamlessly adapts to different contexts, capturing the ever-changing seasonal nature of the brews. Moreover, Awfully Great, developed catchy slogans like "Not Your Basic Booch" and "Brew a Better Biome" that effortlessly align with the brand's personality. These slogans are versatile, allowing them to flexibly accompany social announcements and marketing materials, injecting a playful and engaging touch. The end result is a visually captivating and energetically charged brand identity that perfectly complements the unique qualities of the Kombucha experience.

KC_concept_board_r3-03 copy.jpg

Having a flexible brand identity system was a top priority. Our mark, just like the rest of the brand, was designed to be easily deconstructed and rearranged, resulting in a variety of fruit and natural shapes.

Alongside that, we developed icons to convey key information on cans, as well as sticker-style assets that can be used for merchandise and bottle labels. This approach ensures that our brand remains versatile, visually engaging, and adaptable to different mediums.

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